The BookThis week a small book with an unpretentious title came into my hand. Prepare to Meet your God is a book written by a young Ecuadonian girl, Angelica Zambrano.
It was a miracle of a sort that I was reading this book at this time. I was mere hours from taking my life in my own hands, and going on my own. You could say this book saved my life and brought home the point that JESUS IS ONLY COMING BACK FOR A HOLY PEOPLE. It seemed that God was talking to me.
In Prepare to Meet your God! Angelica, and her mother Maxima, together bring us up on the incidents leading to her encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ in which He shows her hell and heaven and instructs her to bring this testimony to the world that both these places are real.
It is a curious book, one that will very likely be received with sobriety and suspicion in different quarters. I must urge you, however, to open your heart and let these words reach you and remind you what this race is all about.
Click on this download link to read the book, Prepare to Meet your God by Angelica Zambrano